Professional model portfolios

Professional model portfolios

So you want to be a model?

Yes you do need a professional portfolio
Do I have the right look?

Have I got the experienced that is needed to approach an agency or be able to work with commercial clients?

So how do I get the confidence to work in this chosen career?

At icon studios with Peter trainer photography if you book for your portfolio and are the right applicant we will be upfront with you on which field of modelling suits your look and will help you gain the experience needed. A good photographer can always create beautiful images whether the client is a beginner or pro in front of the camera but reality is once you have your beautiful portfolio and you don’t have ongoing experience and confidence required by booking agents your career can quickly go down hill.

A model then generally will do FTP with any photographer to update her images regardless of quality which can then further harm her potential career.
we realise this which is why:

Once you do your portfolio with us if you have the required look- we will provide you with ongoing work through personal projects to update your portfolio as well as paid commercial jobs as models who have had their portfolios with us will always get first priority for any jobs that come in.

Models will get plenty of in front of camera experience to help with their confidence and posing and professionalism.

Advice on dealing with clients as when a commercial client is paying for your time a model needs to be very time efficient with completing the job to suit the clients budget.

Exposure to a model is everything! Therefore on personal projects you will always receive quality images to use for advertising yourself.

Also you will receive discounts on our workshops and in our hair and make up salon.
If you cannot afford to pay for your portfolio payment plans are available however conditions do apply

Payments must be made regularly and must not be missed if you cannot make your payment you must contact us to discuss your payment options.

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