Hair extension

Hair extension

Hair extension

Hair extensions

Icon Studios offer top quality 100% human hair extensions- (Remy grade hair) we use a variety of companies to source our hair to be sure to get the right product to match your colour, expectations and budget.  Icon studios use tape hair extensions or keratin tipped hair extensions.

Extensions are the perfect way to add length, thickness and to create highlight effects through colour without damaging your natural hair. There are 50 different colours to choose from, so you can be sure to get the perfect match for your hair.

All of our hairdressers are certified to do hair extensions and have had extensive training to ensure high quality professional end results.

All of our extensions are quality controlled and made from only the softest and silkiest hair – sourced ethically from India or Russia.



Q. What is Remy hair?

Remy hair means that the hair is all cuticle correct, (faces the same way). This is essential to avoid tangling. A lot of extensions on the market look great when you first have them installed. Only Remy hair will stand the test of time. Hair that is not cuticle correct will matt and tangle on the very first wash. You will be constantly brushing it to try to detangle, resulting in strain on your own natural hair. This is what gives extensions a bad name. Just about everyone has heard a bad story about extensions. This is from having cheap non-remy hair installed.

Q. Will hair extensions damage my hair?

The methods we choose will not harm your hair. Your experienced hairdresser will have a thorough consultation with you to ensure the right type of extension is used in your hair. There are ideal products for fine and course hair alike. The extensions are flexible and blend with your own hair to create a natural overall finish. They should never look like extensions. They should always look natural. Our extensions are easy to apply and just as easy to remove.

Q. How long do the hair extensions last?

We recommend extensions should be replaced every 6 weeks to three months (depending on the type of extension) as the bonds grow down. After removal another set of extensions can be re-applied closer to the roots.  Some extensions may be re-used (Tape extensions) if the hair has been carefully looked after

Q. What aftercare products should I use?

We have tried and tested a number of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products on the market. Some are definitely better for your extensions than others. We will advise you on which products best suit not only your extensions but also your own hair.

Q. How do I look after them?

Be prepared to allow a little extra time each day to look after your extensions but above all enjoy them! When you get home, leave the hair for two days before washing to allow the tape/bonds to set properly.

Q. Can I wash my hair normally?

After your initial two days, you can wash by tipping your head back under the shower. Don’t tip you head forward over a basin as you will end up disturbing the hair too much which may lead to some tangling. Gently massage the scalp. Do not use a scrubbing motion. Always dry the hair and tape/ bonds completely. Rinse hair immediately after swimming to remove chlorine or salt residue.

Q. What about bedtime?

When going to bed tie your hair in a soft scrunchie at the base of the neck, or loosely plait to prevent it from tangling. Using the extension loop brush gently work through the hair from the ends up, supporting the bonds and being careful not to tug them. You will need to spend a little extra time to look after your extensions; after all, you want to look after your investment.

For any additional information or to book a consultation, please phone Icon Studios on 07 5455 6337