Keratin Specialists

Keratin Specialists

Sunshine Coasts Keratin Specialists

Keratin smoothing treatment

Is your hair:

Dull, dry and damaged?

Curly, wavy or frizzy?

Or just unmanageable?

Does it take far too long to style?

One application of GK keratin puts an end to all of that.


Same day shampoo (no waiting 48-72 hours)

Low pH protein

Eliminates frizz

Smooths and repairs simultaneously

Benefits for all hair types

Lower iron temperature required

Lasts up to 4 months

Can be coloured 8 days before or after

Global keratin has been designed to simultaneously repair and smooth and gives amazing benefits to all hair types. With the power of juvexin which is derived from pristine sheep wool through an environmentally friendly process, the hair is left luscious, healthy, smoother and stronger and results can last 3-5 months dependant on aftercare.  The protective layer shields against free radicals such as UV rays and pollution


Q. What makes GK keratin treatment the first choice over alternative products?

At icon studios our stylists have trained with and tried a number of different Keratin options and have found that Global keratin produced the best results.  Hair is smoother, healthier and easy to manage and results are longer lasting.  GK is completely and certifiably safe for the user and consumer.


Q. Is Global keratin a permanent straightener?

No, as Global Keratin is based on the hair’s natural protein keratin, it will gradually fade out of the hair. Keratin is designed to smooth and repair the hair making it easy for the client to blow dry their own hair easier and in half the time.  Hair will be repaired from chemical damage and Frizz will be eliminated by 90%.


Q. Can Global keratin be applied on pre-treated or coloured hair?

YES, it can be applied to all hair types including highlighted, bleached, coloured and also on hair that has had no history of chemical services (virgin hair).


Q. When can I colour my hair if I want to have a Global keratin?

Hair can be coloured either 8 days before the service or alternatively 8 days after.


Q. Can GK be applied on hair that has been permed, chemically straightened or relaxed?

YES, GK can be used on any hair that has had previous chemical services.


Q. How long does GK keep the hair smoothed and repaired?

The benefits of GK last in the hair for a period of up to 3-5 months depending on the hair type. On hair that has had previous chemical services the results are more dramatic and last longer. With hair types that are natural with no chemical service history, GK results are better and last longer after subsequent treatments.


Q. How long does the services process take?

Usually between 2-3 hours, dependant on hair type and length.


Q. When can I shampoo my hair after receiving the GK treatment?

Once the service is complete you can shampoo and treat your hair as normal on the same day.


Q. When am I able to have the GK treatment again after the first application?

GK is a treatment so it can be performed on the hair as often as the client requires..


Q. What after care is recommended to ensure best possible result are maintained?

We recommend using the Global keratin shampoo/conditioner and styling range.

These products are sodium chloride and sulphate free and have been developed to maximize the longevity of the GK treatment. They also contain the unique Juvexin to support and maintain your treatment and protect against daily environmental stresses.